Polkawallet V3.0 released with space station style

Polkawallet is the first mobile wallet for Polkadot. Build safe, diversified, flexible, and convenient application scenarios around the Polkadot ecosystem, and Users will enjoy cross-chain application services by Polkawallet anytime and anywhere, no matter where they are.

Now available for iOS and Android with the latest version, v3.0.0, optimized from the logo to the overall UI. Acala network assets and features will also go live when the Acala feature proposal is phased through.

The most significant update of this time is the design of the new logo and network home page structure. Compared with the previous version of the V2.5 wallet, the network assets of the latest version are more apparent at a glance. Different network assets have different proportions in the dashboard, which is convenient for users to see the status of assets intuitively.

Due to the slow network nodes and the difficulty in finding switching network functions, we placed the previously hidden node switching function at the top of the home page to facilitate users to switch networks and switch linked network nodes freely.

At present, v3.0.0 has been officially launched in The Apple Store, Google Play(Soon) and Fir.im APK, or updated according to the app prompts. The Download Link:https://polkawallet.io/

From now on, Polkawallet will open a Feedback program for collecting product suggestions for one month (From December 27 to January 27). During the program, you can submit suggestions for new features and improvements to existing features, UI & UX feedback, and Bug issues. Keep Polkawallet running safely and efficiently to provide a better user experience.

Reward Program

  1. New features & improvements to existing features, 10 KAR per submission
  2. UI & UX feedback, one swag per submission
  3. Bug submission, one swag per submission, and some KARs

Click the link to join:https://forms.gle/AKDRzcTBryUg8rTk7

If your suggestion to Polkawallet is accepted, the Polkawallet team will contact you within three days and reward you. There is no limit to the number of times you can be awarded. Only the earliest one will be rewarded if we receive the same feedback. Feel free to comment and express your insights on Polkawallet !




Mobile wallet for Polkadot, https://polkawallet.io

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Mobile wallet for Polkadot, https://polkawallet.io

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