In 2021, Polkawallet successfully operated for 3 years, and Polkawallet service has been used in 177 countries and regions around the world, and the installed capacity has reached 100,000+.

Polkawllet has changed from a pioneer to the most fully functional mobile wallet in the Polkadot ecosystem today,and witnessed the full bloom of the Polkadot ecosystem from immature to various subdivision tracks.

Where to play?

Go to the official website to download the beta version:, available for Android and iOS. (Version ≥ 0.7.7)

Now is the beta version, please backup the mnemonic words.

The configuration of Social Recovery

Click on the button of Social Recovery on the Profile page, then select Make Recoverable and Click on Create Recovery to start configuring.

Click on Friends to select your reliant friends from your Contacts.

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Why use Flutter to develop?

The previous version tried to develop Polkawallet with React Native, we want to try different frameworks and explore different solutions. Through exploration, we saw that the fluency of the Flutter version has greatly improved, which is a good attempt.

Can other teams make secondary development based on Polkawallet?

Of course, we use a very loose Apache License 2.0, you can make free changes based on Polkawallet. We have contacted some projects to help them carry out secondary development. Such as Of course, we hope that the project will directly contribute to Polkawallet to integrate its own project so that the integration is shared.

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After over a year’s development of its infrastructure layer, Polkadot gradually becomes mature and its related ecosystem also begins to form. As one of the early-stage projects in the ecosystem of application layer, Polkawallet is designed to provide mobile-end services such as easy cross-chain asset one-stop management, staking, governance and cross-chain ecological application access. While providing users with more human-friendly and more convenient experience, it also offers more direct effect such as visual data and state changes, so as to get users quickly involved of the situation and improve their participation.

Start of Mobile

Polkawallet 0.1.0 Beta mainly realizes the following three modules:


After one year’s rapid development, Polkadot and Infrastructure Framework Substrate have gradually enriched ecosystem projects, including ChainX, 0xproject, ChainLink, Edgeware, Ocean Protocol, and Blink Network,etc. We are gradually entering the “Renaissance era” of blockchain industry. As a project officially funded by W3F, Polkawallet will provide convenient entry experience for cross-chain ecological projects. The ChainX platform is the first blockchain project developed based on Substrate other than Polkadot. Its framework realization has become mature, so Polkawallet intends to integrate the ChainX platform as the first cross-chain ecosystem application.

Polkawallet (Mobile wallet for Polkadot)

Polkawallet provides one-stop management of cross-chain assets, convenient mortgage and governance as well…


Mobile wallet for Polkadot

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